Kathy Purvis – kathy.purvis@uhs.sa.edu.au
Wei Qu – wendyquwei@gmail.com

This paper presents the preliminary results of a collaboration between a native Chinese speaking PhD students and a second language Chinese teacher in South Australia with input from her university supervisor.There has been growing interest in using authentic texts in language teaching. This research is about locating, using and evaluating authentic texts created by native speakers for a social purpose as the basis for the teaching and learning program.  This paper presents authentic texts which have been chosen to complement the topic The World of Work and student work samples from  2 tasks which are based on these texts. It examines some of the practical issues in finding, adapting and using such resources and provides some anecdotal feedback from students. Although the texts are in Chinese, English versions will be provided so the paper will be  relevant for all second language classes at senior secondary level.