Andrew Scrimgeour -
Angela Scarino -
Mingxia Wei –
Linda Wright -

This paper outlines a study designed to assist teachers of languages implement substantial change in their teaching practice, with recognition of contextual factors in their own setting. Design features of both a longitudinal perspective and sensitivity to teaching context were intended to reflect understandings of teachers’ learning as experiential, individual and developmental. Given this view, a range of context sensitive methods were used including the use of lesson study, a form of participatory action research that provides a window on teachers’ micro practices in order to examine deeply held beliefs and understandings that influence practice. This paper describes the experience of two native speaker teachers of Chinese as they undertake to review, understand and enhance their current teaching practice in relation to their specific language, context and their own learners. The discussion focuses on the nature of the substantial changes observed in curriculum, teaching and learning and in the teacher.